Part. no.
1. Frame assy LY-210100
2. Side stand LY-210200
3. Spring of side stand LY-210300
4. Bolt, side stand LY-210400
5. Hanger LY-210500
6. Hexagon bolt M10×55 GB5787-86
7. Axel, hanger GB5787-86
8. Hexagon nut M10 GB5763-86
9. Buffer of hanger LY-210600
10. Center stand LY-210700
11. Spring of center stand LY-210800
12. Hexagon bolt M10×25 GB5787-86
13. Bushing LY-210900
14. Buffer of center stand LY-211000
15. Bolt M6×25 LY-211100
16. Hexagon nut M6 GB5763-86
17. Left bracket, footboard LY-211200
18. Right bracket, footboard LY-211300
19. Bracket, luggage box LY-211400
20. Hexagon bolt M6×12 GB5763-86